Frequently Asked Questions

From finding the right size processor to purchasing an attachment, find answers to your questions here.

Halverson Wood Products owner standing next to a wood processor

Q: Where can I purchase Halverson wood processors?
A: Halverson wood processors can be purchased directly from our sales team or through a dealer partner. Get a quote on your next processor or find a dealer location near you.

Q: Is financing available for purchasing your processors?
A: Yes! Financing is available for all of our processors. Visit our Financing Page to view our financing partners or to apply for an equipment loan.

Q: Where is the closest Halverson Wood Products Dealer near me?
A: Our Dealer network is growing! Find a Halverson Wood Products Dealer near you.

Q: How will I know if a Halverson wood processor will work with my machine?
A: All of our processors are built to be compatible with many common skid steer brands and other equipment that use the universal attachment plate. For the basic compatibility requirements that must be available on your skid steer to operate our processors refer to the product detail pages on this website or contact your Halverson representative.

Q: Do I need a machine in order to operate a Halverson wood processor?
A: The HWP-100TR-Duromax and HWP-100TR-Honda are compact, stand-alone processors that can be pulled with a standard 2” trailer hitch. All other processors require a skid steer or other hydraulic or PTO-powered machine to operate.

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